Pittsburgh to D.C.

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With a full weekend to drive the 250 separating Pittsburgh and D.C., we took some time to camp and take in the beauty of Pennsylvania.  Lush forests, historic buildings, and rolling hills make for so... Read More


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In my mind, Pittsburgh has always been a dirty, kind of trashy place.  After five days there, I now stand corrected.  Pittsburgh is a really cool kind of dirty, trashy place with amazing buildings. ... Read More

A/C Repair

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A couple of days before we reached Pittsburgh, a leak in our A/C developed.  After 10 or 15 minutes of driving, water would leak down onto whatever was in the back, which usually meant clothes or pil... Read More

Wayne National Forest

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Weekend days afford us more time to drive, but it makes for some very long, long drives.  Highways across the Midwest in a Westy, however, are far from boring, as this van is basically the least aero... Read More


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Another long afternoon of driving and we pulled into Richmond, IN for the night.  Fin had been doing so extremely well that we were just waiting for the breakdown to come.  Lucky for us, it didn&#82... Read More


We had been making good time, which allowed us some time to check out downtown Bloomington, IL and walk around for a bit.  Bloomington is a quintessential mid-town American city, from the brickwork o... Read More


Again, we didn’t do too much, save for a lot of driving.  We stayed in a little hotel on the edge of town and the only things we did were go to a Goodwill and check out a fish store.  This pos... Read More

Des Moines

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We took two days to wash thoroughly, do some laundry, and just relax after the extended camp/hotel session that was the last two weeks.  Des Moines seemed an ideal place to rest up before the long dr... Read More


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After the Corn Palace we got in the car and made the long drive to Omaha, where we would stay for one night.  The time had come for long daily travel and we figured that the Midwest was the place to ... Read More