Hanging Rock

From Roanoke, we headed South to see family in Winston-Salem.  As we have a grandchild with us, we cannot go within 150 miles of Grandma without bringing the grandchild near; it’s a rule.  Bet... Read More


With a Knut ready to hit the road again, we headed South to another friend’s house in Roanoke.  Several routes presented themselves, but with the Blue Ridge Parkaway so close, there was only ev... Read More


One of Shiz’s friends from work moved to Charlottesville with her family a couple of years ago, so after D.C. we drove the 120 miles from D.C. to Charlottesville.  It’s a nice enough driv... Read More


There are so many things to see in D.C.; The Mall, The White House, amazing food, House of Congress, innumerable museums, incredible food, shopping, and so much more.  D.C. is one of those places tha... Read More

Pittsburgh to D.C.

With a full weekend to drive the 250 separating Pittsburgh and D.C., we took some time to camp and take in the beauty of Pennsylvania.  Lush forests, historic buildings, and rolling hills make for so... Read More


In my mind, Pittsburgh has always been a dirty, kind of trashy place.  After five days there, I now stand corrected.  Pittsburgh is a really cool kind of dirty, trashy place with amazing buildings. ... Read More

A/C Repair

A couple of days before we reached Pittsburgh, a leak in our A/C developed.  After 10 or 15 minutes of driving, water would leak down onto whatever was in the back, which usually meant clothes or pil... Read More


Another long afternoon of driving and we pulled into Richmond, IN for the night.  Fin had been doing so extremely well that we were just waiting for the breakdown to come.  Lucky for us, it didn&#82... Read More