Devils Tower

After the majesty of Castle Gardens, we prepared for the long drive East across a lot of Wymoing with not a lot there.  Well, not a lot there in terms of attractions, but we did pass through the wond... Read More

Castle Gardens

We left the powwow to gain an hour East, as we had one day to make it as far into Eastern Wyoming as possible.  So, we spent the night in the tiny Western town of Greybull. Greybull Greybull is anoth... Read More

Cody Powwow

Part of the reason we stayed in Thermopolis for four days was to leave on a Saturday and catch the Cody Powwow.  It’s been over a decade since I’ve been to a powwow and Shiz had never bee... Read More


After Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, we needed some time to relax, rest, and clean ourselves of the good camping filth (perk of high-elevation camping, dirt but no funk).  With its public hot spri... Read More

Grand Tetons

We woke to snow in June at our Yellowstone campground.  Laughing to ourselves, we took breakfast, packed up the Westy and drove South through the snow.  As we stayed at Norris Campground for four da... Read More