A/C Repair

A couple of days before we reached Pittsburgh, a leak in our A/C developed.  After 10 or 15 minutes of driving, water would leak down onto whatever was in the back, which usually meant clothes or pil... Read More

The Badlands

Leaving The Black Hills behind, we drove East towards The Badlands.  For years I’d been waiting to see these hills after reading about them in our US map.  Something about the picture – ... Read More

Rapid City

After Devil’s Tower, we spent a couple of days in Rapid City, where we took in one of the best-supported downtown districts that we’ve ever visited.  Like all cities, the box stores live ... Read More

Devils Tower

After the majesty of Castle Gardens, we prepared for the long drive East across a lot of Wymoing with not a lot there.  Well, not a lot there in terms of attractions, but we did pass through the wond... Read More


After Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, we needed some time to relax, rest, and clean ourselves of the good camping filth (perk of high-elevation camping, dirt but no funk).  With its public hot spri... Read More

Grand Tetons

We woke to snow in June at our Yellowstone campground.  Laughing to ourselves, we took breakfast, packed up the Westy and drove South through the snow.  As we stayed at Norris Campground for four da... Read More


Bozeman was our last stop until Yellowstone, so this week was filled with preparations.  We took everything out of the van for deep-cleaning and organizing, plus I took the van into the shop the chec... Read More