The Sun Only Shines at Noon – Antelope Canyon

After seeing what a big river can carve into sandstone, it was time for us to visit our most anticipated feature in the area, Antelope Canyon.  As people without internet who only search the next 3-4 days down the road, we frankly just got lucky with this space.

You can only visit one of the canyons on a guided tour and we were looking for tours the afternoon before we wanted to go.  There are actually several canyons you can tour, but Upper Antelope Canyon is by far the most famous.  It was completely sold out.  So were four of the other five canyons.  All that was left were two time slots for Lower Antelope Canyon, so we booked them quick and breathed a huge sigh of relief.

We arrived the next morning where we already saw the line of people who had arrived without a reservation in the hopes of no-shows, waited for our time to come, then gathered in the lobby for our tour.  Once it was our turn, our group was divided into three smaller groups of 20 people each and we walked out to the stairs down.

We were a little nervous that with so many people the canyon wouldn’t feel intimate, but that was no the case in the least.  The way the canyon bends makes it very easy to feel like you’re walking on your own and the tour guides do an amazing job of keeping people moving without feeling like they are rushing anyone.  Plus, they’d ask for your phone occasionally and take a superb shot with it.

Because it’s easy to lose sight of little details or different perspectives when you’re three stories deep in a 2-foot wide canyon, surrounding by the likes of this.

If you are ever in the area, you must go here.  There’s no other word for it but exceptional.

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