Appreciating Nothingness – Arches National Park

After walking through the little goblin village, it was time for us to move onto another area of high fame, Arches and Moab.  Coming in from the North, we found a RV park with some space and planned our trek for the next morning up the big hill and into Arches National Park.

The location of arches on the top of a massive, old sandstone hill makes it the perfect place for these formations to, well, form and the whole place provides a really good area for hiking and exploration.  Honestly, thought the rocks and arches were really neat and we had an excellent time, I can’t say that anything stood out so much as to just blow my mind.

Still, it sure is a gorgeous place.

Seeing these large arches seemingly appear from out of the blue was quite a sight and made for some really interested hiking.  You’d catch a glimpse of sky through the rocks, then as you walked around the rock the gap would move, showing less or more sky as your angle changed.  Finally, you’ve come face-to-face with the arch and stare at this geological rarity.

Like everything on this Earth, the arches are still changing.  Pictures exist of the arch below before and after a section fell of in the mid-1990s, reminding us that the air, water, and sun all take their time in making these things.

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