As we needed to start heading West to eventually reach Nashville for the eclipse, we set off on a Friday to spend a weekend with friends in Asheville.  Known for the longest time as a city for hippies, Asheville is receiving major attention from around the state and country as a cool place to be (read: it’s gentrifying).  According to locals, everything was fine until Kevin Costner bought a house.  After that, everything went to shit.

For all the talk of how Asheviile is losing it’s cool, it’s a really cool city.  We spent the weekend there and not only had a blast, but walked away enamored with the downtown’s sleek offerings and the Westside’s funkiness.  Give Asheville 5 years and all the people making West Asheville funky will probably have been priced out, but I think that Asheville will still be a cool place to be.

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