Assuming it was Tours – St. Martins Sea Caves

St. Martins Sea Cave

We took the trip from Cape Breton to the US border in stages, most notably stopping in Saint John to rest and see the St. Martin Sea Caves.  Part of the Bay of Fundy, these caves were formed from the same process that produced the Hopewell Rocks, though the effect here was to create a massive cave instead of eroding cliffs away.  The differing end results made for two fascinating takes on the same process, plus we got to walk in a cave that otherwise is halfway underwater.  Neat, huh!?

Apparently, as much water passes through the Bay of Fundy in one day as all the water flowing from the rivers of the world into the ocean in that same time period, but I find of find that hard to swallow.

We also stopped for crab cakes.

After that, and with heavy hearts, we spent the last of our Canadian currency on a whole ton of Tim Horton’s donuts and crossed back in to the USA.

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