Bug Nets!

The Full Van

Before leaving Seattle I purchased bug nets for the side and back doors on the Westy.  With summer coming, I needed to install them before it was too late.  The bug nets are made to fit Vanagon doors and come with snaps sewn into the netting, so all I needed to do was purchase some self-tapping sheet metal screws and drill them in.  One problem: I have no power drill.

Enter one more reason why I love tool lending libraries.  I used the NE Seattle Tool Lending library time and time again during our years in Seattle and, Missoula being the hip town that it is, I hoped for one here.  Enter the Missoula Tool Lending Library to save the day.  Part of the Missoula Urban Demonstration Project, they helpfully loaned me a cordless power drill with a smile while I installed the nets in their parking lot.  They kick ass.

Missoula Tool LIbrary Library Entrance Power Drill Well Drilled Snap on! No Nets Nets The Full Van


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