Bukchon Hanok Village

Situated between Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung, the Bukchon Hanok village (meaning North Village) represents 600 continuous years of history and a chance to see the style of house used by nobility during the Joseon Dynasty.  The entire village consists of the top end of a hill, so your calves will notice this well worth it trip.  With public transportation, get off at Anguk station on the red line and start walking North (up the hill, always up the hill).

The base of the hill has attracted high class restaurants and shops, including some fancy art galleries.  This, of course, means that art is on fine display as you make your way up the hill.  The rewards of meandering through alleys and side streets is cool art and funky little shops.

It can be a little confusing trying to find the location of the oldest homes, but a good guide is that as the grade of the hill increases you are getting closer.  It’s like playing Hot/Cold with the sore legs of your future.

Once at the top, however, the views stun.

Now, this is an interesting area to walk around (and in as one house is open for display), but if you can get your hands on a baby, it makes it all the more fun.  At the base of the hill people rent traditional Korean clothes for the day and wander around, so if you have a baby with you you will have all sorts of great photos of your (hopefully) kid with people in traditional Korean dress.

Bring some drinks, meander, sit on the sides of the street and people watch.  Take your time here and on the way down, hit up one of the most important places you can find:

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