When All Camping is Family Camping – Sharbot Lake

With the weekend ahead of us, we had 2 days to find a campsite between Kingston and Ottawa, our next stop.  After some quick research and map-checking we figured that we would drive up tho the area around Sharbot Lake Provincial Park and find a nice-looking campsite.

Did we ever.

We pulled into Sharbot Lake, which sounds like a killer robot from the 70s, and drove around checking the place out.  Campsites were spacious, decently separated, plentiful, and the place had beach access.  We couldn’t have asked for anything more, so we picked a great spot close to the restroom and set up for the weekend.

In the late afternoon we found our way to the beach to swim and play in the sand.  A couple other people were there and it was like everyone was friends.  Everyone chatted with everyone, strangers looked after another person’s kid while the other went swimming, conversation was smooth and relaxed.  I’ve so often gone to public places where everyone pretends to ignore everyone else; here it was like we were all friends.  It was awesome.

The next day, Saturday, we headed back to find the above experience multiplied.  It went so far as a person left their infant asleep in a crib  by their picnic blanket while they took their other kid to the water, then when the baby cried a complete stranger came over to soothe the baby before the mom ran over.  It was amazing.

The area is rich with lakes and a prime spot for kayaking.  Our little lake suited us well and we had a blast.  As night fell and we lay down to sleep, we were wooed by the call of loons.

Before we slept, however, we did get some photos of the stars.

Sharbot Lake Stars Sharbot Lake Stars Sharbot Lake Stars Sharbot Lake Stars

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