Castle Gardens

Castle Gardens

We left the powwow to gain an hour East, as we had one day to make it as far into Eastern Wyoming as possible.  So, we spent the night in the tiny Western town of Greybull.


Greybull is another one of those tiny Wyoming towns that leaves a tiny impression on you.  It might be because there is not much that what little is there sticks with you, or it might be something else.  Whatever it is, by the power of Greybull we had a good time.

We stayed in an historic hotel on the main intersection of downtown, so our accommodations helped a lot.  Plus, in the five minutes that it took to walk down the main thoroughfare we did end up stopping in the library and museum, which is not only free but rather interesting.  I’m not saying go to Greybull for this, but if you’re here it’s worth stopping by.  A lot of Wyoming is that way.

Greybull Statue Our Hotel Greybull Museum Salt and Pepper ShakersCastle Gardens

In searching for things on the way East, we ran across Castle Gardens.  Formed as soft rock eroded around harder rock, these wind-and-water swept pillars reminded us of a small Cappadocia.  This is a small, out of the way site close to Ten Sleep, but so very well worth the time to visit.  With three BBQs and lots of left over firewood, bring a picnic and spend a good amount of time here just soaking it up.  We stayed in Greybull, but we should have camped here (I’m not sure if it’s legal, but no one is coming to check).

Gaze upon the glory!

Castle Gardens Castle Gardens Castle Gardens Castle Gardens Castle Gardens Castle Gardens Castle Gardens Castle Gardens

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