National Cathedral

There are so many things to see in D.C.; The Mall, The White House, amazing food, House of Congress, innumerable museums, incredible food, shopping, and so much more.  D.C. is one of those places that houses so much that spending 3 days there is worse than spending 7, because you leave with more regrets at things unseen.  I’ve been to D.C. a couple of times and Shiz has been there once.  While we have both seen some of the major sites, D.C. is like a 25 square mile buffet of things to do.

I would love to say that we spent our time in D.C. going to museums, seeing important cultural monuments, and generally doing all the necessary things to do in D.C.   In reality, we were in town for a friend’s wedding and to see family, so we went to the National Zoo, story times, and our friend’s wedding, making this one of the less adventurous posts I’ll write.  But however small, things were done, so here we go.

National Zoo

Shiz and Fin went with our cousin and her twins to the zoo.  It’s completely free, but parking costs $22.  If you have kids in D.C., take them to the zoo.  I had to work, but from the photos I dearly wish I could have gone.  They have butterfly houses, animals galore (one would hope, right), fish tanks, petting zoos, and a whole plethora of info.  You could easily spend all day there and have a blast.

D.C. National Zoo D.C. National Zoo D.C. National Zoo D.C. National Zoo

D.C. National Zoo

D.C. National Zoo

National Cathedral

The reason D.C. was one of our two set destinations this year (the other being Christmas with my mom) was that our friend was getting married.  Not regular married, either.  She was getting married in style.  Since her family have been lifelong members of St. Alban’s Church and said church is located directly on the grounds of the National Cathedral, we poked our heads in to the Cathedral after the ceremony because I love this building.

Grand ceilings, absolutely unique stained glass work, and the coolest gargoyles of any cathedral make this a place to visit.  It’s NE of downtown D.C., but do not miss this place.  The stained glass depicts US history instead of religious themes (no Abe Lincoln as Jesus, though) and one even has a moon rock in it, which is literally the most expensive rock on the planet.  It’s really cool.

National Cathedral National Cathedral National Cathedral National Cathedral National Cathedral


As mentioned above, the wedding was one classy affair, even though they let us attend.  And if you have a fancy wedding, you need a fancy reception.  Form the church we all found our ways to the Congressional Country Club to celebrate the lovely couple and dance our socks off.

Reception Reception Reception Reception Reception Reception Reception



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