Des Moines

Des Moines Sculpture Park

We took two days to wash thoroughly, do some laundry, and just relax after the extended camp/hotel session that was the last two weeks.  Des Moines seemed an ideal place to rest up before the long drive, work, and relax.  We found an excellent AirBnb close to the city, so while I worked Shiz took Fin into town.  In the afternoons we found things to do around town.

Really, not too much happened.  The central branch of the Des Moines public library is a great place to take your kids, as they host numerous story times and their children’s section is mind-boggling good, both in regards to book selection and toy offerings.  We saw several sets of parents who obviously took their kids there to let them play while the parent checked their phone.  It’s a wonderful place to escape the heat while giving your kid something fun to do.

About the only other thing that we did here was take a walk to Water Work Park.  When something is called Water Works Park, what do you expect?  I expect fountains and water features.  You know, water works.  This park took the meaning of those words differently, because while it is a great place to jog or fish, the park had a lot of work done on it to make water areas.  Basically, they made a lot of fishing ponds and a bridge.  If we were a local, we’d come here a lot but it’s not for tourists.

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