Post-Apocalyptic Dreamland – Goblin Valley State Park

After one of the more memorable falls we had seen in a while, we decided to venture on towards Arches and Moab instead of visiting them later.  We drove and drove through the gorgeous country that nigh all of Utah, enjoying our ride and listening to music.

Capitol Reef National Park

Of all the places in Utah, Capitol Reef is easily one of my favorites.  That said, though, we pretty much just drove through this park without making any stops.  Don’t get me wrong, we did get out of the car, but we never hiked or explored anywhere more than .5 miles away from a parking lot.  We’re going back someday, because Capitol Reef was simply stunning.

Goblin Valley State Park

We did get out of the car here, however, and I could not be happier that we did.  It’s kind of a weird place (but then, so much of Utah is), but weird in the fantastical and mystical way more than the why-are-you-near-children kind of way.

It’s a small floor filthy with little baby hoodoos, all surrounded by cliffs that have been washed out by years and years of rain and wind.  The hoodoos are tall enough, however, that as you walk around you cannot see around the next bend or over anything, so you walk among a labyrinth of curves and bends, losing yourself and everyone in your party.  It was awesome.

At some point you reach the edge of the valley, only to find yourself among cave-ridden walls ripe with places to gawk at and explore.

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