It’s Either Arizona or Texas – Horseshoe Bend

Having gotten to better know the US’ most famous v-shaped feature, we cut across the Southern part of the Vermillion cliffs, windows down and music up.  There was something about that experience and those cliffs that went straight into the deep banks of my memory; I can recall the moment even now.  There’s something wonderful about those cliffs and I’d love to have the chance someday to wander around on top.

Cliff Dwellers

About halfway through the drive, up popped some houses and some very peculiar hoodoos, so we had to stop.  Turns out that the base of these cliffs housed some ancestral Pueblo people, though now it’s simply a place for a vendor or two and an old abode that looks recently made.  No information was posted, however, so we had no clue when the most eye-catching structure was built.

Regardless, the stout little hoodoos in the area made for some very interesting walking around.

Horseshoe Bend

Now that we were swinging through for the second time, it was our chance to stop at Horseshoe Bend.  Since there’s one in Texas as well and that one is in Big Bend National Park, it’s hard to find information that postiviley talks about the one in Arizona, so going in we weren’t too sure how long the hike would be, etc.  But judging from the tour buses and plethora of cars in the parking lot, we figured that it couldn’t be too bad.

We were right; it’s a short and easy hike to a gorgeous view.  Surprisingly, there’s no railings or anything to stop people from falling off (probably because it would interfere with pictures).  I’m very grateful, but someone had fallen over two weeks before.  Needless to say, one of us was always holding Fins hand.

Afterwards we returned to our good old campsite on Lake Powell, got ready for the next day, then played in the water.

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