It begins!

Odometer at the Start

Today we left Seattle on the first leg of our journey.  With all of the mania before leaving – along with the excitement, doubt, fear, and exhilaration – driving away from Seattle strangely hardly felt any different.  Both Shiz and I felt like it was any other trip and we realized it was because we drove over Snoqualmie Pass, a drive that we’ve taken countless times for camping and day trips.

Once we hit Ellensburg and turned south towards Yakima, new road met us and everything changed.  Only then did we truly feel like Vanlife had begun.  I write this settled into our Yakima Bnb, preparing for the week and our next leg.

Fin slept for about 45 minutes before waking up and needing to run around.  One really nice thing we discovered about traveling with a 1-year old is that we need to stop every hour or so and let him run around.  This, however, forces us to stop, look around, and appreciate the places we drive through.  For example, without Fin we would not have stopped at this gorgeous scenic overlook South of Ellensburg.

Ellensburg Overview Panorama


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