Lawrence of Ontario – Kingston


My knee was still hurting, but I could at least walk and not wince in pan every hour (thank you, icing and elevation), so Shiz packed up the van and drove us all out to Kingston.  We wanted someplace in between Toronto and Ottawa where we could relax and that would put us closer to some nice camping.

Kingston fit the description to a T.  Again, I was still out due to the knee injury, but Shiz walked Fin in to town and on the last day I was even able to walk Fin around the block.

That said there’s really not much I can say about Kingston.  We were surprised at the diversity, however.  For a little town of 120,000 people, we heard quite a few number of languages, something that I have to say is a distinctive difference between the US and Canada.  If you ever cross the border, count how many languages you hear on either side.  No matter where or when I’ve crossed, it’s been English on the US side, and 5+ languages on the Canadian.


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