The Doubt-Filled Hike – Lower Calf Creek Falls

After making sure that our last road hadn’t knocked out any fillings, we drove out to a very popular campground by Calf Creek Falls.  The falls are right off of 12 and the hike is relatively flat, so it’s a popular place to stop, camp, and hike.  We luckily found a site at this awesome campground, giving us an afternoon to play in the river and tackle the hike early in the morning.

Lower Calf Falls

I said that the hike is relatively flat, but at times it does not feel like it.  The signs listed the distance, but the many tiny hills made the hike feel much longer than it truly was.  Plus, the hike itself is very interesting, but once you get hot and a little tired, each bend in the valley feels like it should be the last one.  We kept thinking that the falls would be right around the corner, but they never seemed to be.

Until finally, we heard it.  Tired, sweaty, stinky, we walked through a denser stack of trees and heard the unmistakable sound of a waterfall.  Had Fin not been on my back, I might have ran to it.

As it was, I settled for setting Fin down, ditching the backpack on the shore, stripping off my shoes and shirt as fast as possible and diving it.  The sun was hot, but the waters were still cold at that time of year and I needed to jump in before my resolve melted as far as my brain had.

It was just what I needed.

I emerged fresh, invigorated, and happier.  It gave the three of us time to then relax, enjoy a snack, take some pictures for us and other people, and enjoy a truly awesome waterfall.

We would have stayed all day had Fin’s nap time and our checkout from the campsite not dictated our schedule to a certain degree.

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