Little Home on the Unforgiving Desert – Pipe Spring National Monument

After giving the van a six hour sand bath, it was time to succeed in something, so we headed towards the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  We arrived in the little town of Jacob Lake, at the turn-off towards the park, to find all the campgrounds closed and a notice saying that the park would open in two days.  Oops.

We opted to head West once more to shower, do laundry, and see the Pipe Springs National Monument.  Though the buildings are all settler, dictating what most of the information covers, I really enjoyed learning about this particular band of Pueblo indians.  Their worldview, while not one I’m going to adopt, was one that I thoroughly enjoyed.

They believed that everything had a spirit and that was at the core of how they interacted with the world.  For example, before they would kill an animal or harvest a plant, they would apologize to it and explain why they needed it and how they would use it.  I like that kind of respect and intercation with the world.

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