Another long afternoon of driving and we pulled into Richmond, IN for the night.  Fin had been doing so extremely well that we were just waiting for the breakdown to come.  Lucky for us, it didn’t (and never came).  The drive from the freeway to our hotel took us past downtown Richmond, which looked interesting, so we decided to check it out the next day.

That night, however, we needed a clean hotel, comfy bed, and food.  Feeling too lazy to cook, Fin received his first dose of low-grade American Chinese food.  He passed a milestone that night and I’m proud as can be.  Filled with sodium and fat, we put him to sleep while I went to the store to pick up some things for the Westy.

The next morning we headed downtown to check it out, but didn’t find much of anything, really.  There’s one street for downtown with a coffee shop, bookstore, and a couple restaurants, but not too much else.  At the end of the block we found an ice-cream store, but the ice cream was watery and just not good.

On the drive out of town we passed Glen Miller Park and was some other indications that Richmond keeps a history of jazz, but I doubt that it creates much these days.


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