After the Corn Palace we got in the car and made the long drive to Omaha, where we would stay for one night.  The time had come for long daily travel and we figured that the Midwest was the place to do it.  No offense meant, but there’s little in the Midwest to see, unless you REALLY like corn and cows.  We like corn and cows, but not that much.

So we decided to drive 1,200 miles in a week with an 18-month old.  While I was working.  This meant that on weekdays, Shiz would take Fin to a library or downtown while I worked – either a coffee shop on in our hotel – and then we would start our drive a little before Fin’s nap time.  All in all, it worked out really well, though I think Fin has started associating driving with naps.

There’s not much to see, but here’s the gist of the trip.

Nebraska Bridge Nebraska Nebraska Boy

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