The Rainmakers – Cascades

We took the beauty and scale of the beach with us as we headed back into the mountains to go camping with my dad and some friends.  I deeply love the Cascades; the North Cascades are easily one of my favorite places to camp and hike.  As my dad joined us, we mostly just spent time catching up instead of hiking or doing much.  Fin did get to try a tent, though!

Snoqualmie Falls

A friend of mine is a member of a private campsite that connects to the river right next to Snoqualmie Falls, so we spent the night with them hanging out, picking blackberries, and hiking down to the river.  I’ve been to the falls several times, but have never seen it from that angle or gotten that close to the river before, which was a real treat.

Filled with delicious blackberries and the joy of seeing friends and family after a long time, it was time to finally head into Seattle proper and catch up with more friends and family.

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