Cookie Currency – The Republic of Molossia

Nevada primarily traversed, we finally made it to the border of California, with a stop in Reno.  Unsurprisingly, the cheapest hotel there was a casino, so we just stopped for the night, wandered the casino for 10 minutes, then stayed in our air-conditioned room watching TV.


As we were there, though, we did make the drive through Reno to see what it had to offer besides casinos.  Honestly, not a lot, but it does have the Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame, which would have been our only stop had we the time or more inclination.  If we ever find ourselves in Reno again, it will probably be the only stop we make.

The drive was decently interesting, but it’s just not my kind of town.

The Republic of Molossia

If you want to know what kind of priorities I have, though, know that we made time to stop by the Republic of Molossia.  It declares itself as an independent nation, but so much of this place is tongue-in-cheek that it’s hard to know how much to take seriously.  It’s a bizarre place that asserts itself wholeheartedly and tells you to stop taking everything so serious.

I love it.

Sadly, to tour the country you have to make reservations two weeks in advance (it being someone’s house and all), so we could only drive up the border/edge of the driveway, look in, stick a toe across, have a good laugh, and drive off.

Next time, though, we’re stopping and getting a tour of their space program.

Fully satisfied, though wanting more, we pulled away and made our way towards California.  Before we reached the border, though, we made a great discovery and had to stop.


California, here we come!

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