Politicking the Holidays – Washington D.C. (Again)

As we were headed down to Winston-Salem to spend Christmas with the family, after leaving Delaware we swung through Washington D.C. once more the see my cousins and her family.  She is the type of person who loves to host and create events, so when she does something, she does it well.  Which means that her house at Christmas is filled with little touches that really bring out the enjoyable side of Christmas.

Zoo Lights

The timing worked out well enough that we were able to visit the D.C. Zoo and see their Zoolights display.  It’s a large space and they decorate it so well.  The variety and ingenuity of the displays impressed everyone in our group, especially the kids, but to be fair their favorite part was the merry-go-round.

If you’re in D.C. with kids during the holidays, it’s well worth a stop.

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