World’s Longest Tunnel Bridge – New Brunswick

With heavy hearts we left Quebec and drove North towards Nova Scotia and Price Edward Island.  We had yet to see some truly impressive fall foliage (we had seen some nice sights here and there, but no sweeping landscapes of pretty colors) so we were hopeful that this drive would provide.

As we drove through small towns and the Saint Lawrence intermittently peaked out at us, we saw countless pretty sights.  Though, no grand vistas of orange, red, and yellow.  360 km later, we needed to rest and so found our way to a small little inn just inside New Brunswick.  The place was rather dead since we were past season, but it had a bed and food, which was all we needed.

The next day we took off again, destined for Moncton and colors.

Sadly, there wasn’t too much to see on the way save for one monstrous thing: the world’s longest covered bridge.

I’m certainly more the sucker for roadside attractions than Shiz is, but by any standard this bridge is pretty neat.  At 391 meters long, the Hartland Bridge eliminated the need for a ferry crossing after 1901 and quickly ingrained itself into local legend.  My favorite one comes from the days of horse and carriage when couples would stop midway and kiss.  There’s something kind of sweet about that.

And that was about it until we hit Moncton, our home for a couple days while we prepared for Prince Edward Island.  We still had yet to see the jaw-dropping fall scenery, so our hopes transferred to PEI and its storied beauty.


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